Asset Management Planning

The Kercher Group has the skillsets, track record and experience to help agencies plan for, and execute asset management. We specialize in working with agencies to define their strategic policies and goals, and then build on these to lay the foundations for sustainable asset management into the future. We have in-depth experience in all aspects of asset management including:

  • Developing Transportation Asset Management Plans (TAMPs)
  • Working with clients to establish performance metrics
  • Collating and analyzing data to identify past performance trends and assess future performance
  • Using state of the art software tools to model deteriorating systems under multiple scenarios
  • Using various industry best of breed optimization tools to establish optimum life cycle strategies for maintaining asset performance over the long term
  • Creating strategic pavement, bridge, fleet and other asset plans plans for agencies to define near term maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement plans
  • Forecasting long term budget needs and performance under various funding scenarios

We have successfully delivered valuable projects in these areas for clients ranging from Transportation Asset Management Plans (TAMPs) for state Departments of Transportation, to development of optimum replacement strategies for snow plow vehicles, to turnkey optimized pavement preservation and resurfacing plans, with future budget projections, for local governments.

Other specific services include:

  • Condition Data Collection and Processing
  • Data Quality Management Plans (DQMP)
  • Project Prioritization
  • Optimization Analysis
  • Optimum Lifecycles
  • Efficient Frontiers; Funding Scenario Analysis
  • Work Plans
  • Economies of Scale Project Development

Example Deliverables: TAMPs; Asset Management Consulting; Turnkey Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Replacement Plans.

Asset Inventory and Condition Data Collection and Processing Support

The Kercher Group works with agencies to procure data collection vendors who possess the technical capabilities to meet the needs of the agency.  Our focus is on getting only the amount of data necessary to meet the client’s needs and ensuring that the data is of the highest quality possible within the limitations of the vendor tools and agency business practices.  The Kercher Group implements the appropriate data protocols and delivers a detailed data dictionary in which vendors will be required to follow.  The Kercher Group performs data calibration tasks to ensure the data dictionary requirements are repeatable in the field.  This helps to ensure that as data vendors may change, the data processes and by extension the quality, are not adversely impacted.

Deliverable:  Data Dictionary and Processing Requirements

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