Insights | July 10, 2020

AASHTO preservation program sets aim at Local Agency Training

The Transportation System Preservation Technical Services Program (TSP2) was initiated as an efficient means to disseminate information to AASHTO member agencies for preserving their highway infrastructure, including both pavements and bridges. Its principal mission is to serve as a clearinghouse with comprehensive and up-to-date information on efficient and effective preservation measures that enhance highway performance and extend useful life.

The TSP2 Bridge group has historically focused its efforts on Communicating the Value of Bridge Preservation for the benefit of all State and Local agencies. State DOT’s have been the largest contributor and benefactor of these lessons, best practices, and technologies generated from this organization’s community. The community is largely made up of bridge owners (including State DOT practitioners), industry reps, academia, and a few local agencies. However, roughly 51% of bridges are owned by local agencies, many of which have not had the exposure to these state-of-the-art preservation best practices that are shared by owners and practitioners around the country. Therefore, TSP2 went to work developing training modules and presentations that would help local agencies formulate their plan to deploy the most cost-effective preservation actions available.

The Bridge Preservation Training for Local Agencies is highlighted in this month’s Bridge Preservation Blog post and more information can be found in the Low-Cost Maintenance to Save Bridges flyer.

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