Agencies have limited budgets. Training, through the adoption of best practices and methods, helps agencies more efficiently achieve their agency goals. Training needs to be done efficiently and well, by experienced instructors.

Kercher Group are considered experts in the design and construction of public works’ projects, as well as in Asset Management. We have presented more than 200 technical sessions at various local, state and national seminars and conferences. Training has been provided in detailed sessions ranging from one hour up to a week in length.

Below is a partial list of technical seminars developed and presented by The Kercher Group to a variety of agencies including:

  • Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia Technology Transfer Centers
  • Delaware DOT
  • Virginia DOT
  • Montgomery County, MD
  • Frederick County, MD
  • Carroll County, MD
  • Delaware River and Bay Authority
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Numerous other Municipal Agencies Large and Small

Topics covered have included:

  • ADA and Walkable Communities
  • Asset Management
  • Cold In-Place Recycling and Full Depth Reclamation
  • Construction Inspection
  • Design of Pavements
  • Drainage and Stormwater Management Systems (DrainMS)
  • Fundamentals of Road Construction
  • Fundamentals of Concrete Construction
  • GASB 34 Requirements
  • Geosynthetics
  • Geospatial Technology and Data Collection
  • Infrastructure Asset Management
  • Maintenance Equipment Management System (MEMS)
  • Micro-Surfacing Inspector’s Field Training
  • Pavement Maintenance
  • Pavement Management Systems
  • Pavement Rehabilitation
  • Pavement Recycling
  • Preparation of Contracts and Specifications
  • Preparation of Traffic Control Plans
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Road Surface Management Systems (RSMS)
  • Sign Inventory Management Systems (SIMS)
  • Snow Removal and Winter Maintenance
  • Soils Engineering
  • Utility Control Ordinances and Construction Specifications
  • Work Zone Traffic Control/MOT Plans
  • Why Do Pavements Fail?

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