Detailed AMS Software Configuration

The Kercher Group supports agencies beyond Go Live with engineering support related to the configuration of AMS software such as performance model updates/improvements, treatment alternatives, and decision methodology updates. The Kercher Group has worked with many agencies that rely on our expertise to calibrate the software solution through time to ensure the results from the software meet agency needs and expectations.

The Kercher Group works with agencies to identify best practice, optimal configuration requirements for the chosen software packages. The software configuration will be analyzed from not just a database and IT perspective, but from an engineering perspective as well. Our deep knowledge of engineering needs with relation to AMS processes gives The Kercher Group the ability to develop:

  • Database Management and Workflow
  • LRS/GIS Implementation
  • Decision Making/Logic (Decision Trees, Triggers, and/or Models)
  • Performance Modeling/Deterioration Prediction of asset condition
  • Treatment selection, life expectancy, and costing
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis of assets
  • Optimization Analysis of budgets and/or asset condition
  • Asset Work Plan Development (What work to do when and where)
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting (Including MAP-21/FAST Act compliance)

Once the needs of these key focus areas are defined, The Kercher Group staff of software experts performs the necessary configuration, testing, calibration, and supports the Go Live process.

Deliverable: Software Configuration Reference Manual and/or configured software

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