Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) Bridge Management System Implementation

West Virginia Division of Highways

The Problem:

Consistent with WVDOH’s desire to comply with the asset management plan and performance requirements detailed in the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act , a risk-based Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) was to be developed.  WVDOH sought a consultant to assist in developing materials for the TAMP, with the goal of having a draft complete by March 2018.  The schedule was intended to provide sufficient time for review cycles by WVDOH staff with continual Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) involvement at each milestone.  The initial WVDOH TAMP, compliant with Federal requirements, was required to be submitted to FHWA by the April 25, 2018 deadline.  In addition, WVDOH required a parallel task to implement their selected bridge management system, Deighton dTIMS.

The Solution: The Kercher Group focused directly on DOT asset management, stewardship, and producing actionable information from which the WVDOH can move forward.  Kercher served as the principal subconsultant on a team led by Mott McDonald to develop a MAP 21 and FAST Act compliant Transportation Asset Management Plan for submission to the FHWA by WVDOH. The document was printed and submitted on time under an accelerated schedule before the April 30, 2018 deadline. All tasks were completed within the existing budget, and WVDOH may provide an electronic version of the document upon request.

Kercher continues to work on the dTIMS management systems in preparation for the analyses required for the 2019 TAMP delivery.

Benefits: The Kercher Group offered business process improvements to WVDOH’s project selection program with a data driven approach using PMS and BMS systems.


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