Transportation Asset Management System (TAMS) Pavement Management System Implementation, Phase 1 and 2

New Mexico Department of Transportation

The Kercher Group partnered with the NMDOT selected software, AgileAssets, for the implementation of the Pavement Management Systems.

For the initial phase of work, The Kercher Group developed a new NMDOT specific optimal configuration to utilize existing condition data in the most effective way and developed a multi-index methodology consisting of structural, environmental and safety indices necessary to more accurately select the most cost-effective treatments.

The Kercher Group conducted Expert Panel workshops with NMDOT staff to review the current business processes including the development of questionnaires, to determine how NMDOT currently manages their pavements. This review included identifying what repair techniques they utilize, when and where they are currently utilized and what rules are currently in place to define the life cycle of a given pavement section. The Kercher Group then provided recommendations to improve their business processes as part of the new pavement management software implementation.

Through the Expert Panel process, The Kercher Group developed all necessary engineering configurations for NMDOT’s new pavement management system including the development of condition indices, decision trees, treatments, performance models, repair and selection rules, separate shoulder treatment rules, performance measures, budget groups and all associated reporting capabilities.

For the second phase of work, The Kercher Group refined the Pavement Management System due to a change in the condition data methodology from a manual data collection process to an automated data collection process. The Kercher Group worked with NMDOT staff to develop a refined configuration that fully utilized the more detailed automated condition data.

All work was documented in a System Configuration document and was revised for all phases of work.

All tasks were completed on time and within budget.

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