Missouri Department of Transportation Management Consulting, Development of Fleet Support Tools

Missouri Department of Transportation

Project Description

The Missouri DOT (MoDOT) needed better management tools to make more informed decisions regarding equipment replacement, funding and utilization management. To meet that need, MoDOT selected The Kercher Group to provide the following work products:

  1. Lifecycle equipment replacement model
  2. Fleet funding model
  3. Seasonal utilization model
  4. Recommendations for improving fleet and financial data capture and use

For the initial phase of work, The Kercher Group developed a database that supported aggregating MoDOT’s financial, usage, maintenance and repair data for its Class 8 fleet across multiple years. This was used to identify fleet utilization and cost patterns as equipment ages. This information was used as the baseline to develop the identified fleet support tools, which were developed for use from standard PC-based applications.  MoDOT is using the resulting analysis as the basis for its equipment replacement and annual fleet funding requests.

The Kercher Group engaged a cross-functional MoDOT project panel throughout this engagement. The consulting team provided multiple iterations of the models to the project panel, reviewed the supporting analysis, and incorporated panel feedback into the tools. The model performed as designed and the consulting team provided MoDOT detailed ‘step by step’ documentation on using the model so that MoDOT could self-perform this analysis in the future.

Phase 1 of this project was completed on-time and on-budget.  MoDOT has extended this project into a second phase to include applying this lifecycle and funding models to sixteen (16) other MoDOT equipment classes.



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