Asset Management System, Pavement Management Implementation

DelDOT Pavement Management Implementation

The Problem:

Kercher initially partnered with the DelDOT-selected software vendor for the implementation of their Pavement Management System. A subsequent contract was awarded to The Kercher Group for ongoing enhancements and pavement engineering decision making support.

The Solution: Kercher is currently working on a recently-awarded contract with DelDOT to further enhance their Pavement Management System and provide the support needed to bring the software, policies, and practices up to date, as well as assist in meeting state and federal performance targets of MAP-21. This includes Pavement Engineering, Pavement Preservation and Condition Data Collection Support; System Calibration; Data Quality Management Plan Development; Data Validation; Analysis Development and Testing; Pavement Performance Research and Standard Operating Procedure Development. Tasks are all scoped and scheduled and status reported on a bi-weekly basis with the client.

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