Delaware Asset Management System Pavement Management Implementation, Automated Data Collection Support

DelDOT Automated Data Collection Support

The Problem:

DelDOT has gone through a number of data collection vendors over the past decade which has transitioned from windshield survey to semi-automated data collection, to fully automated data collection using the Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS).  As these changes have occurred to the data collection process, business rules and pavement management system processes have not kept up.  The Kercher Group was tasked with developing updates to both business and software improvements to allow DelDOT to make best use of the latest in pavement condition data technology.

The Solution:  

Kercher assisted the data collection vendor in the development of a Data Dictionary to formalize the data collection protocols being used to define distresses, severities and extent measurement rules.  Kercher then configured DelDOT’s pavement management system to store the updated data delivery and calculate the appropriate condition index rules to be used in the pavement management system decision making and performance modeling processes.  Kercher also developed a data quality management process for ensuring the use of automated data collection could provide the appropriate level of detail and accuracy needed to drive effective pavement management processes. The data quality management process included a field evaluation of control sites for various distresses and resulted in calibration of the LCMS tools to match the expectations of the DOT. The final outcome of the project was good correlation between field conditions and LCMS results for some distresses and a clear and repeatable process for future data vendors to deliver consistent data quality for use in the pavement management system.

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