News | July 2, 2018

We are presenting a Pavement Management MAP-21 Webinar. You are invited!

Eric, Aaron and Charles will be presenting a webinar on July 10, 2018 02:00 PM – 03:30 PM U.S. Eastern on a way (maybe the only way!) of accurately predicting the % Good/Fair/Poor Federal metrics for MAP-21.

The link is:

The details are as follows:

TRB will conduct a webinar on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 from 2:00PM to 3:30PM ET that describes a method in which departments of transportation (DOTs) could manage their road networks in order to predict performance measures for Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) and Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. MAP-21 and the FAST Act require state DOTs to establish and report targets for their pavement conditions. Presenters will discuss how agencies can use a pavement management system to predict the resulting MAP-21/FAST Act performance measures and suggest reasonable targets for these projections based on various scenarios.

This webinar was organized by the TRB Standing Committee on Pavement Condition Evaluation.

Webinar Presenters

  • Aaron Gerber, The Kercher Group, Inc.
  • Eric Perrone, The Kercher Group, Inc.
  • Mike Rossi, New York State Department of Transportation

Moderated by:  Charles Pilson, The Kercher Group, Inc.

Webinar Outline

  1. Overview of requirements to establish and report targets for pavement conditions
  2. Steps to address MAP-21/FAST Act requirements
    1. Performance measures
    2. Deterioration models for the new performance measures
    3. Post treatment effects of maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction treatments to the new performance measures
    4. Run scenarios
    5. Take the output work plan for a scenario and apply it at the 1/10th mile level
    6. Report out the results
  3. Discuss state examples of this method being utilized
  4. Question and answer session

The first 60 minutes of the webinar will be for presentations and the final 30 minutes will be reserved for audience questions. The Registered Continuing Education Program (RCEP) categorizes this webinar activity as relating to health, safety, and welfare including core technical.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how sectioning a network can affect the reporting of federal performance measures
  • Use the agency’s current pavement management system to project federal performance measures at the 1/10th mile level
  • Discuss how this method is currently being implemented in other states


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